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LERSUS easyContent

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LERSUS easyContent

LERSUS is the optimal product for the development of learning and informational materials.

LERSUS ensures fast development of high quality content, guarantees the clearness of content structure and design, provides uniform standard for all the documents, and cuts the costs of high quality content production.

The editor creates content in the form of web-content or printable documents.

LERSUS objectives:

  • Create and support modern web-content
  • Relieve the author of necessity to apply programming skills when creating a module
  • Ensure that content structure and design meet all requirements of the portal it is created for
  • Assist the author with content development
  • Provide user-friendly interface for content production
  • Import and export content
  • Integrate active content to interactive tutorials

LERSUS facilities:

  • Creating and editing complex interactive modules
  • Using Flash animation, Video clips, Audio files, and Java applets
  • Fast visual text development and its integration into the content
  • Instinctively understandable user interface
  • Content export to specified formats
  • LMS compatible content
  • Fast and easy modification of the content structure

What LERSUS gives to the author:

  • Convenient and functional interface
  • No need to programme the web-content
  • Tests included to contents
  • Guaranteed correspondence of content structure and design to the portal requirements
  • Ability to see the content as it will be displayed on the website
  • Easy modification of the export format

What LERSUS gives to the organization:

  • Accelerating content development
    • Composing modules in LERSUS is as easy as in modern text editor
    • LERSUS is able to import previously developed contents
    • LERSUS provides excellent integration of active elements into the content (Flash animation, Video, Audio, Java applets)
    • LERSUS itself assembles content into learning modules of required structure and format
  • Reduce the cost of content development
    • No programmers required for content development
    • Sharp decrease of the time spent on content development
    • Fast adaptation of the content to new requirements
  • Content standardization
    • Expand content life cycle
    • Reuse content to create a new one or modify an existing one
    • Easy migration of content between different LMS
    • Fast and cheap modification of content design parameters
  • Guaranteed support
    • Author support
    • Content support
    • E-Learning solutions support
    • Timely updates
    • Product and services development

LERSUS application:

  • Creating learning modules for learning portals
  • Creating learning modules for staff training
  • Creating tutorials for the maintenance of products and services
  • Creating tests for knowledge control


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