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Production of learning modules with LERSUS

With the model-oriented production of learning modules, an exact adjustment to individual requirements and a large flexibility in the application can be achieved . Before starting the work, an author determines the didactical model as structural pattern for the learning modules . A necessary structural framework is put to each author at the disposal, without limiting it contentwise.

Different multimedia elements (video, Flash animation, audio files, Java applet) can be integrated into the content and tested in the preview function.

LERSUS supports a safe and efficient co-operation of several authors, who can exchange documentation without much expenditure.

Learning modules can be published both locally and with net-supported server binding. The modules for the test tasks are compatible with the QTI standard and can be inserted into Learning management systems such as BlackBoard, Clix or WebCT or in other e-Learning platforms compatible with QTI standard.


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