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LERSUS easyHelp

About Authoring Tools and Context Interactive Help

Modern authoring tools provide authors with a wide range of functions and give them the possibility to create high quality content. You can develop courses for distance learning, technical documents for support of products and services, interactive help materials etc. in these editors. As a rule, each authoring tool is adjusted to a rather narrow range of tasks. That is why similar software can be hardly applied to solve new tasks and is extremely user unfriendly. Program package LERSUS does not have this disadvantages.

Mechanisms of didactic models used in LERSUS are multi-purpose. They allow you to apply the wide function range of LERSUS to achieve different objectives and to produce various types of informational materials. Our software provides content developers with a set of mechanisms adjusted to distance learning courses development, to publishing learning and informational materials on CDs, to compose tests or materials for support of industrial equipment. In short, LERSUS can be used anywhere, if it is necessary to develop high quality informational materials.

Development of Informational Materials for Context Help Systems in LERUS

Till recently LERUS did not provide authors with all necessary means for development of informational materials for context help systems. From now on LERUS has the full range of such functions.

We developed for our customers new didactic model easyHelp, which gives the possibility to create interactive context help. Using LERSUS you can compose files of interactive context help and attach them to your applications. There is no need to use several applications to develop interactive help. LERSUS is the right solution, which integrates all necessary functions. So you will be able to compose help files and to get ready-to-use help systems.

You don’t have to use incompatible software to get materials in various formats. Didactic model easyHelp is part of the package LERSUS easyContent. It supports both HTML Help and HTML Help 2.0 formats. Moreover you can compose informational materials as dynamic or static pages and publish them as ready-to-print files.

New solution LERSUS easyHelp and new advantages of package LERSUS easyContent

To meet the wishes of our customers we released a reasonably priced solution LERSUS easyHelp and included the didactic model easyHelp into the package LERSUS easyContent. The new package LERSUS easyHelp gives you the possibility to save up to 50% of investments into software for development of interactive informational materials. Low price, wide range of functions and user friendliness of this package will surely turn out to be what you were looking for. Possibilities to widen the range of functions in order to achieve all of your goals ensure fast return of investments. Constant technical support and experience of our team will be the assistant you can count any time on.

You can get the package LERUS easyHelp right now and decide, if LERSUS meets all of your demands. All your comments on our new releases and services are welcome. We will do our best to let our solution help you to develop your business.

If your organization develops both interactive context help systems and learning courses (or just plans to do it), then our product LERUS easyContent is the right solution for you. You will save a lot of time and money. Why is LERUS easyContent so advantageous?

  1. You can save on investments in software as authors can use the same program package for development of various informational materials.
  2. There is no need to master several software packages. It is enough master just one!
  3. Content developers will not spend their time on content migration from one package to another. Without any problems authors will be able to use materials created before.


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