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License server

License server LePricon and cost reduction

License server LePricon allows medium and large organizations to reduce the investment amount and to guarantee the fastest return period.

Organizations using LERSUS usually employ 1 to 40 authors. Distance learning courses and e-courses are usually authored by teachers or subject matter experts accounting, marketing, sales etc. Course authoring is in 90 percent of cases not the primary activity of authors that is why they do not use LERSUS the whole day long. That is exactly the situation when LePricon can be used.

The easiest way to explain the advantages of the license server is to describe a typical situation. Let us assume that your organization employs 24 authors. You know that the maximum amount of simultaneously operated LERSUS versions will not exceed 15. At the same moment some of your employees would like to install and use LERSUS on their home PCs or laptops. You do not have to purchase a license for each author or each PC and laptop. All you will need in this situation are 15 LERSUS licenses and license server LePricon. You will be able to install LERSUS on as many PCs as you want. The number of simultaneously running LERSUS versions will be limited only by the number of purchased licenses. In the described case this number would be 15.

At any time you can increase the amount of installed LERSUS versions and of purchased licenses if it is necessary. The license server LePricon allows to reduce the costs for the 35 – 40%.


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