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Model Editor WizLer

The distinguishing feature of LERSUS is the model-based authoring process. Many authors consider this approach to be very effective and user-friendly.

Document model determines the presentation style of the ready learning module and automatically programs the structure. We appreciate the desire of teachers and authors to make both the contents and the design of their materials unique. That is why we supply with LERSUS the document model editor WizLer for free. You can change the colour spectrum, paste new graphics (e.g. the logo of your company or project), add and remove languages and presentation styles, determine new default settings and change the text resources of the model.

We are willing to make WizLer as convenient and effective as possible, for that reason all your comments and suggestions are very important for us. Write to us and we will do our best to implement the best suggestions in the next version of WizLer and rectify any problems you may have had!


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