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Text-To-Speech server

CBTs and multimedia tutorials often lack the audio version of presented information. Sometimes audio tracks are even a must as they are vitally important for people with limited physical abilities.

Learning is actually the acquisition and storage of information. All didactic schemes with their texts, tables and study aids are designed to make this process as effective as possible. What is the connection between information storage and sounds? The events we remember best of all are usually concerned with a phrase or melody. And each time you hear it (a certain phrase or melody) you clearly imagine an event of your life. That is why we suppose that there are many reasons to provide your students also with an audio version of the CBT.

  • Students can choose the most comfortable way for them to perceive information.
  • Many learners will for sure appreciate the possibility to learn at any time. For example on the way to the university or to the office.
  • Audio version of learning materials is vitally essential for people with limited physical abilities.

As soon as you are sure that you need the information in the form of sound tracks you face the challenge of producing them. You can hire professional artists, rent a studio and get audio version of your content at a fabulous price. You can also try to do it using all of your available means which will most likely result in unsatisfactory results. If you designed your content with authoring tool LERSUS you can easily produce an audio version of all texts. The text-to-speech server will automatically generate sound tracks for LERSUS e-courses. Different languages and voices are available, you can also choose the output format: MP3 or WAV.


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